31 While 31 (1 Year Update)

     Tomorrow is my 32nd birthday which means I’ve been working on my 31 while 31 list for an entire year.  I’m glad I made a list because I’ve completed a lot of things I wouldn’t have otherwise even tried.  My goal was to complete 25 out of 31 items on my list.

     Looking below, I’ve completed 23 out of 31 of my tasks and I’m pretty happy with that.  Of the items I didn’t complete I’m moving the pierogies, dill pickle spears, croquebouche, and scrapbooking our honeymoon to next years list.

Things to Cook:
-Lamb (I have never made lamb in my life)  03/05/12-Greek Style Lamb Pita-Complete!
-Moussaka 08/04/2011-Made a vegetarian version when friends came over-Complete!
-Focaccia 11/06/2011-Made rosemary foccaccia-Complete!
-Bagels  06/06/12-Made jalapeno cheddar and salt bagels-Complete!
-Baba Ganoush-2/26/12 (no recipe included because it didn’t turn out well)-Complete!
-Gnocchi 01/15/12-Made Potato Gnocchi-Complete!
-Beer Crab Chips with Vinegar Aioli
-5 recipes I have saved on my Foodbuzz account Wonton Soup 09/06/2011, Alice Springs Chicken 11/10/11, Smoky Pulled Pork Tacos 12/08/11,  Zucchini Fries with Sriracha Mayo 06/21/12, Lemon Curd with Mixed Berries 6/27/12,-Complete!

Things to Can:
-Bread and Butter Pickles 07/31/2011-6 pints-Complete!
-Dill Pickle Spears
-Tomato Sauce 08/19/2011-6 pints-Complete!
-Apple Butter 09/05/2011-7 half pints-Complete!

Things to Bake:
-Monkey Bread 01/21/12-Complete!
-Pull apart Cinnamon Bread 12/03/11-Complete!
-Apple donuts Apple Cider Donuts 10/22/11-Complete!
-Filled Cupcakes  King Cupcakes 02/19/12, Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes 4/21/12-Complete!
-2 new types of bread (I currently only bake white bread) Croissants 9/10/11, Povitica 10/15/11-Complete!

-Finish my cruise scrapbook-7/25/12-Complete!
-Scrapbook our honeymoon (from last summer!)

-Read at least 2 books in my work field (Special Education)  A Fractured Mind 2/27/12 (Non-fiction about multiple personalities disorder), Twenty-Two Faces 7/14/12 (Non-fiction about multiple personalities disorder)-Complete!
-Read at least 3 books out of normal reading genres The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks 10/24/11, The Red Tent 11/28/11, Outcasts United 12/14/11, The Shack 3/8/12-Complete!
-Take my husband to Niagara Falls
-Take my husband to 2 new restaurants in Pittsburgh 1/17/12-We went to PF Chang’s in Baltimore, April-Ditka’s in Pittsburgh, 4/28-Dutch’s at Deep Creek Lake, 6/9-Out of the Fire Cafe in Donegal-Complete!
-Go to Vermont 08/07/2011-08/10/2011 Frank and I went to Stowe, VT-Beautiful-Complete!

Health and Fitness:
-Take an aqua zumba class (I’ve been dying to try this!) Started this class on 08/23/2011-Complete!
-Get certified as a Zumba instructor
-Get at least 4 pedicures this year 11/19/11, 01/14/12, 04/09/12, 06/22/12-Complete!
-Get at least 2 full body massages  04/03/12 (thanks to my husband!), 6/1/12 I received a mini-massage at work for an end of the year treat!-Complete!


  1. This is such a cool idea! You got so much done. I love the diversity of the list. Happy early birthday!!

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